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The life of a fangirl

Okie dokie then, this is my personal journal and it's friends only. If you don't like it go away. If you wish to become my friend, then post in my FO post, 'kay?
About the girl
Name: Brandy
Age: 21
Height: about 5'11"
Status: *hums* There is a someone...in the world...whom I love.
Other facts: Minnesotan born and raised, dark brown hair, brown eyes, emo when I wanna be, obsessed with music and foreign things, and hyper
My Possessions
My hamster = Tako
My kitty = Daidai(RIP)...Hitsugi
My puppy = Emma
My blanket = Mallowfluff
My fleece blankey = Nyan
My laptop = Miyabi
Mi familia
My sis = sugary_smile Deadborn (Dot)
My adopted brother = lexicon_captain Steve-O
My Austrian wifey = totchi_no_bass (alice_pon) Jackie (Totchi)
My ADORABLE wifey = stupidfxxk Ky
My EATABLE wifey = aeed Foody
My 'fucktoy' = sorrosa Jamie Love
My lovable stalking-fangirl ♥ = gothania Gothie
Other random family members = judy_chan, startingtofly01
Random People = Tom, Catie, Beaner, Jeanne, Beautiful, L.E.O, Samantha...etc.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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I'm Mao~!
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Shinya is love.
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My kitty and Die are fun love
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